Scott D. Foster, Jacquomo Monk, Emma Lawrence, Keith R. Hayes, Geoffrey R. Hosack, Tim Langlois, Garnet Hooper & Rachel Przeslawski

Chapter citation:
Foster SD, Monk J, Lawrence E, Hayes KR, Hosack GR, T. Langlois, Hooper G & Przeslawski R. 2020. Statistical considerations for monitoring and sampling. In Field Manuals for Marine Sampling to Monitor Australian Waters,Version 2. Przeslawski R, Foster S (Eds). National Environmental Science Program (NESP).

Chapter Contents
Research Objective(s)
Random Sampling
Efficient Designs
Uncertainty, Precision and Power
Spatio-temporal Sampling
Gear-specific Considerations
Mapping as a Foundation
Case Study: Surveying a Marine Park in Tasmania
Set up R to Generate Design
Generate a spatially balanced design
Preference shallow environments
Incorporate legacy sites
Case study summary
Field Manual Maintenance

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